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Frequently Asked Questions

Allergy information? 

All of our donuts contain wheat, dairy, eggs, and soy and all donuts may be exposed to peanuts/tree nuts in our bakery environment. Sorry we do not offer any gluten-free donuts at this time. 

How long are your donuts good  for?

Our donuts are all best served  fresh on the same day they are made. While many eat day old donuts and don't complain they do lose some quality. 

What happens to all your leftover donuts at the end of the day? 

We are very lucky to work with awesome volunteers from the Faith Temple Food Giveaway Program who pick up our end of day donuts EVERY day and distribute throughout the community to organizations and schools in need. Sorry we don't sell day old donuts.

Do you ship donuts?

No...sorry. Just wouldn't work due to donuts being best served  fresh.

What if I want something I don't see on your website?

We try our best to respond to custom requests for large orders, but in general we have to say no to making items that are not part  of our 100+ selections we make everyday.