Our Donuts

Flyboy Donuts are handmade fresh every day the old-fashioned way. While we can't list every single variety, hopefully this helps in showing a portion of what's available. Keep scrolling down and click Order Now when ready!

  • Yeast Raised Donuts
    Round with a hole and cut from our yeast raised dough. Can be topped with white, chocolate, or maple frosting and of course sprinkles!
  • Cake Donuts
    Made with cake batter in variety of flavors. Chocolate cake, blueberry cake, vanilla cake, spice cake, cherry cake, and old fashioned cake.
  • Long Johns
    Rectangle shape and made with yeast raised dough. Can be filled with white cream or Bavarian cream (some call this custard or pudding) or also come unfilled.
  • Bismarks
    Round shape made with yeast raised dough. Can be filled with raspberry or lemon jelly or Bavarian cream (custard/pudding).
  • Apple Fritters
    Yeast raised dough with small chunks of apple and flavored with cinnamon.
  • Caramel Rolls
    Our baked caramel rolls are easily the best you've tried. Grandma's recipe!
  • Letter Donuts
    Spell your message in hand cut letter or number donuts and decorate with fun toppings!
  • Donut Holes
    Perfect bite size treats! Made with yeast raised dough. Always glazed, but also available with sugar, powdered sugar, or cinnamon and sugar.
  • Premium Topping Long Johns
    Long johns are available with a variety of premium toppings including M&M's, Butterfinger, Reese's Pieces, Bacon, Oreo, etc.
  • Texas Donuts
    Our super-sized donuts are big enough to share (or maybe not!).
  • Honeymooners
    Yeast raised donut with a dollop of whipped cream and either a cherry or M and M's on top.
  • Twists
    Yeast raised dough twisted and glazed.
  • Seasonal/Holiday Specials
    We love coming up with creative ways to celebrate holidays with Flyboy. We also have a variety of seasonal offerings.
  • Fried Cinnamon Rolls
    Spiral shaped roll with cinnamon. Can be topped with frosting or nuts.
  • Turnovers
    Flaky and buttery pastry with apple, blueberry, or cherry filling.